2 step authentication

Enable 2 Step Authentication In VTiger 7

May 16, 2018
Enhanced Security extension is designed to enforce proper security standards in VTiger. The extension for VTiger also lets system admins enable 2 – Step Authentication as an extra layer of CRM security. Upon configuration, a code is sent to users’ emails, which is required to login. How to Enable 2 Step Authentication Go to Menu >> Settings >> CRM Settings >> Extension Pack >> Enhanced Security. Check box to active the 2 Step Authentication.     You can also Set an Email Template. That code is for generating random number Code.     You must select a user who will be excluded from the 2 step authentication in case your Email server stops working or you get locked out.     Here you can see when a User try to login into the CRM using his/her Username and Password system will ask for Verification Code.     For further help, contact us on help@vtexperts.com. We’ll be glad to be of service.