Group & Sort Related Records By Fields In VTExperts Document Designer For VTiger

February 7, 2019
document designer vtiger vtexperts group related records by fields outcome
Document Designer PDF maker and Electronic Signature for VTiger has this feature to add a table from related modules. The purpose to add a related module table is to show related records to this specific record. There are options like which fields to show, filter the records, theme, and size it properly. Group Related Records By Fields We have added another option to group related records by given fields. If you go to a document in Document Designer > Data Objects > add a Related Module table, you will see the “Group by” field. This is a multi-select field, so you can add as many fields as required in order to group the related records by those fields. This is how the outcome will look like depending upon the selected fields: There’s another option in the same settings block, which is “Sort Field”. This is a picklist, so you can