vTiger 6.3 Official Release + Demo

June 4, 2015
vTiger 6.3 has just been released and is available to download on vTiger’s official website. We are really excited about the release, as it includes close to 100 bug fixes as well as the stability improvements and major security updates(XSS vulnerability). vTiger 6.3 Highlights: RelatedList API added to Vtiger Web Services. Fixes for 96 issues reported on trac.vtiger.com, including some long standing issues from vTiger 5.4.0. XSS vulnerability fix vTiger 6.3 Demo: URL: http://demo.vtexperts.com/vtigercrm630/index.php Username: demo Password: demo The vTiger demo database is refreshed every 30 minutes. vTiger 6.3 Download is available at https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-downloads/. If you encounter any problems while using vTiger 6.3.0  feel free to contact VTExperts or use the publicly available discussion forums. If your are looking to upgrade to vTiger 6.3 – Please contact us. How to get a hold of us? Email: Support@VTExperts.com Phone: 1 (818) 495-5557 Contact Form: Contact VTExperts Support Chat: Gmail/Skype/Chat via website