vTiger 6.2 Early Release is Now Available!

January 23, 2015
vTiger 6.2 EA (Early Release) vTiger 6.2 EA (Early Release) has just been released. The latest version includes over 200 bug fixes reported on trac.vtiger.com as well updated Support for Google Calendar API. The bugs that have been fixed can be found by clicking here. There were no new features or extensions added in this release as the purpose of it was to make it more stable. vTiger 6.2 EA can be downloaded from vTiger.com or by clicking here. They have already provided a vTiger 6.1 to vTiger 6.2 Migration/upgrade patch which can be found at their website as well. *Note – THIS BUILD IS NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE, KINDLY USE IT ONLY FOR TESTING. vTiger 6.2 EA – Demo Demo: http://demo.vtexperts.com/vtigercrm62ea/index.php Username: demo Password: demo