vTiger 6.1 Demo – EA (Early Access) is now available

August 27, 2014
vTiger 6.1 Demo – EA (Early Access) is finally available for community evaluation. vTiger 6.1 has a lot of bug fixes as well as improved functionality & design. Features(Scheduled Reports, Search, Reporting Charts, RSS Module, Our Sites Module) that have been removed in 6.0 have been added on 6.1. In addition there was a major change in the vTiger Extension market – vTiger will now have a marketplace where everyone will be able to test out all available modules/extensions/addons and purchase them without having to go to the Vendor’s page.   vTiger 6.1 EA Features: PHP 5.4, 5.5 support mysqli support Search within Listview Asterisk (PBXManager) Integration Scheduled Reports Report Charts Click through Charts Mass Edit for Documents Workflow for Documents RSS Module Our Sites Module Marketplace Integration (ExtensionStore)   vTiger 6.1 Demo vTiger 6.1 Demo can be access using the link: Username: demo Password: demo *Note, the database will