vTigerCRM 6.0 GA Released

January 10, 2014
vTiger has just announced the release of vTiger CRM 6.0.0 GA. This is very exciting news for everyone who has been waiting to finally start using the new and improved vTiger 6. vTigerCRM 6.0 GA can be downloaded from vtiger.com. The vTiger CRM Migration/Upgrade Tool is also available for those who want to upgrade from vTigerCRM 5.4 to vTigerCRM 6.0. You will find the migration tool on vtiger.com. In case you need help with the upgrade process – please refer to the “vTiger CRM 5.4 to vTiger CRM 6.0 Upgrade/Migration Tool” article. If you run into any issues or want the professional to do the upgrade for you – please give us a call or send us an email.